Teams To Beat

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Who are the toughest teams to beat across Tennessee in each class?
East, Middle, and West regions. Also, who are the newly formed teams that are ready to show out in 2018?

Player replied
1 Year
Rec - BUI and Young Guns
E - TBL and Nutshell
D - USA Gym and Bren's Men
Upper - BDB and CTS
Player replied
1 Year
Honorable Mention - Cooper's and Sumner Roofing
ramie replied
1 Year
how as elliots or TCS or even total anarcy not on there
brandon replied
1 Year
this guy doesnt know east tn teams....smh
In the know replied
1 Year
No Elliott's this year.
Jonathan Ray replied
1 Year
I just moved here from South Florida I played e and d and sponsored a few teams
I play of pitch catch eh and I am a team player and good base hitter

I have a few others that cam play too 6155216033 Jonathan hit me up
I also have good connections on all gear too