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Thank you for your patience. The new site is up and running and you can log in.
Please read this before you log in.
First: The Tournament Site and the Message Board are now two separate worlds contained on the same site. What that means to you is that you will need to have a log in for each.
However, it is not that hard to do. First, if you do not register teams or enter teams into tournaments, then you may not care about having a login for the tourney side. However, if you had a login on Softballwire before, your old login information may be good for the tournament side if needed.
Message Board: Everyone will have to create a new login for the message board. If you click on Today's Chatter which this name will change. You can go to the register here section. It is easy. Here is my suggestion. Come up with a good user name because you can use the user name or your password to login on the message board in the future. Create a password that you remember.
Once you have done that, I suggest to those that need to also have a log in on the tournament side. Go to the tournament page and login with your old information there. Go to your profile on the tournament page and change your password and email address to match the message board and then you will have fewer things to remember. Hope that makes sense.

I will post more notes about the tournament page latter:
For now here are some cool things about the message board.
First, you can send internal messages to people that are logged in.
Also, you do not have to be logged in to reply to a message.
If you want to create a sub thread on some ones post or reply, hit the quote button and it allows you to do that.
If you want a personal avatar for your account, contact me at, we can discuss. I am going to set those that want a personal avatar up, this will provide them with a unique signature for their account so that we will always know who they are when they post. Great for tourney directors.

Please play with this new system and get to know it. It has a ton of great functions. If you find something cool, please post about it in a reply below. Or let me know if you find something that needs to be fixed.
Thank you all for your loyalty to this site.

Jim Taylor

Dub replied
9 Months
Like it
Jeremy Lemay replied
9 Months
It will not accept my email address
Jim replied
9 Months
email me at and I will help
brad01 replied
9 Months
Testing Jim.
Brad McKenzie
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