NGSA Men's 7gg women's 5gg

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What you classify in USSSA you will class in NGSA. D class will spot E class 5 runs and play E class rules 3 hrs then just out. If D class plays D class then you will play D class rules. 1-1 no courtesy, 4-10 pitch height, 3 second pump fake, any 44-400 or less ball. No outlaws or bullets. No senior or ASA only bats. Stealing when ball crosses plate. 55 min game times. Run rule is 15 after 3, 12 after 4, and 10 after 5.

Women same rules just unlimited hrs. Will take min of 6 women's teams to make.

Entry fee $300

Sanction fee$ 30 if not sanctioned already

1st place: 12 full sub dye jersey

2nd place: 12 NGSA towels

3 place: $100 gift card towards team jersey order.

It will be a round robin style. Team with the most wins and highest points based off runs scored and runs allowed will determine 1st, 2nd, and 3rd.

Only taken 16 men's teams and 6 women's teams, so sign up quick. Roster are due by Aug 16th by 5pm bracket will be posted Aug 16th by 8pm. Please remember all updates and times will only be posted on the NGSA page.