ISA World Series Information

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Here are some things you need to know about your team playing in the World Series. They are in no particular order but hopefully this will help all to understand what they need to know.
1. Do not try to enter if you did not play in the ISA State, the only class non playing teams can enter is the Men's B-C combo.
2. All teams must be ready to play on Friday night except the B-C combo and women's.
3. The coaches meeting and blind draws will be held on Friday August 24th at the Summit .Rec at 12 noon, E at 1:30, D at 2:30 B-C combo at 6:00 and Women's at 7:30. All times are eastern. State Champions will get the first shot at picking game times but every team must have someone there to pick for you. If no one is there to pick for you I can assure you of an early Friday night game. Games will start at 6:00pm that night.
4. You can enter your team on Softballwire or by contacting your state director but you are not guaranteed a spot until your entry fee is in. Tennessee teams can call Steve Lovvorn 931-703-2019 to make arrangements to get cash, cashiers check or money orders in to me and I will carry it to the coaches meeting for you. I must have it in hand by Sunday August 19th before 4:00pm . I will send in a list on that Sunday of everyone who is entered and will not be able to add anyone who has not met the deadline. You may also PayPal it to Mike Caldwell at but the deadline for this is Friday August 17th. You are responsible for the entire entry fee plus any charges from Pay Pal. Last year a few teams waited until after the deadline and they did not get into the tournament. We had close to 100 last year and it looks like there will be even more with the rec division added so do not delay.
5. The roster you used in the state will serve as the roster for the world series but you can add to it with people from your class, you cannot have more than two from one class above you and none from more than the class above your team.

This is the most time sensitive info but I will post more details later . Thanks SL