ISA World Series 2017

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Posted for Steve Lovvorn:

Coaches Meeting/Blind Draw will take place in the meeting room at the Summit of Softball Complex at fields 5 & 6....

State Champions get to draw out first.

If a team is not present for the draw, they will be placed in the first available spot on the bracket.

E Teams - 12:30

E teams should be prepared to start play at 6:00 pm

D Teams - 2:00

D teams should be prepared to start play at 7:15 pm

Women Teams - 7:00 pm

Women teams should be prepared to start play at 8:00 am Saturday

B/C Teams - 8:00 pm

B/C teams should be prepared to start play at 8:00 am Saturday

Teams will be required to sign their roster before they play at the hub they play at, So bring your ID and keep it with you all weekend in case of a protest.

Teams MUST hit the ISA XROCK 44/400 with the World Series logo sold at the park. $5.00 each / $60.00 a dozen

No music devices of any kind is allowed in the Complex

No Alcoholic Beverages are allowed in the Complex

Teams should wear matching jerseys or the same color....If one team has matching jerseys and the other teams does not.. the team with matching jerseys is Home Team

ALL teams should have a score book

You will be required to turn in a line up at the coin toss

ANYTHING else we will go over in the coaches meeting

Starting at 4:00 pm on Friday there will be a gate....

$5.00 per day per vehicle

ISA World Series

The Summit of Softball Complex
Chattanooga, TN


Karma - GA

Crossfire - GA

Team 478 - GA

615 - TN

Cyclone 23 - TN

Carolina Chaos - NC

Solway - TN

Elliott’s - TN

Pink/Trutek/ASP - GA

Just Let Me Play - AL

Day Break / Dirty Birds - AL

Save 2nd Base - TN

Men’s B/C

Southern Mayhem - GA

KPOW/Advantage - GA

Chicken and Shine - GA

Newman’s - AL

Maroadi Transfer - PA

CCP/Miken/Worth - NC

Nu Look Illuminati - MD

HCS/Fantasyland - MS

Elliott’s - TN

Worsham’s/BF Cattle/Miken/Worth - NC

Kut4Sports - AL

Brackins - AL



Men’s D

Chop Shop/CFC - GA

Nouveau/Pink Nation - GA

Hometec Exterminating - GA

Exit 47 - GA

Team Bayou/Hitman Sports - GA

Coldneck Customs - GA

Hot Soup - GA

Dirtbags - AL


Osborn - AL

Sick - AL

Nap - AL

Crossfire - NC

Rock Fitness - TN


Titans - PA

Kaeden’s Warriors/SIS - PA

Athletic Shop/King’s Men - TN

Geico - AL

Bren’s Men - TN

Softballwire - TN

Locked & Loaded - TN

Men’s E

Prestige World Wide/Peak Performance - GA

The Show - GA

Whoopsie - GA

High Octane - GA

Spartans - GA


Justified - GA

Molon Labe - GA

Misfits - GA


First Class Construction - GA

Between The Lines - GA

Georgia Prestige - GA

Motiv8 - GA

No Limit/Paragon - GA

Regenr8 - GA

No Worries - AL


Diablo’s - AL

Strictly Business - Al

AllScrubs - AL

Team Thor - AL

Cat5 - AL

Alabama Extreme - AL

Team Playaz - AL

365 GameDay - GA

Birmingham Bud - AL

J & M - AL

Carolina Mud Dogs - NC

Sultan of SWAT - NC


Buddy Ball/JAM - TN

Brundage Bone - TN

PK Builders - PA

Thin Blue Line - TN

Prime Time - TN

Gap City - TN

Psysho - TN


Thunder Ducks - TN

Bad Karma - TN

Nutshell - TN

Coopers - TN

Old School - TN

Team OutCast - TN

Southside - TN


big$$ replied
10 Months
Are there not gonna be scorekeepers provided?