ISA State Update

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I have turned the online off and we are sitting at 62 total teams. 11 Ladies 13 E 16 D and 22 REC. As stated before the Ladies and E will be at Fieldstone and the D and Rec at Starplex. I am working the brackets but now plan to end both the divisions at Franklin on Saturday night. We lost a couple of the E so it will be finished on Saturday if we do not run into much of a rain delay. Last weather model shows the rain moving through this area starting tomorrow and moving out early Saturday if you put much stock in weather reports.We have gained another complex that is closer to Murfreesboro but cannot use it unless one of the other two get rained out, which could happen with summer rains so we will have a possible backup plan. I will be keeping everyone informed on this message board and also on our Facebook page at tnisa. I have returned every call or text I believe and if not please reach out to me again. If anyone has been left out and your team is not on the board please call me immediately. Thanks SL

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7 Months
My mistake on the facebook address. Go to tennesse isa softball to see our page. Thanks SL