ISA State results

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The Good Lord blessed us with great weather when the forecast looked troubling and also with no major injuries during the tournament.I thank all the teams, players, coaches ,fans ,scorekeepers , umpires, Franklin parks, Murfreesboro parks and the ISA team for a good weekend of softball. Only 4 teams could leave winning their last games and becoming State Champs but lots of their fellow competitors made it tough for them to win. Congratulations to 615 for winning the ladies with Twisted second and Reapers third. In the D Tim Leeper Roofing won followed closely by X-rated and then Elite Nashville. The E was won by Psycho with Thin Blue Line and Bad Karma following. Winning the rec was Titus followed by Late Night Swingers and C&P . The ISA World Series is August 24-25 and 26 at the Summit in Chattanooga and I hope to see several of the teams that played this weekend play there. It is listed on Softballwire where you can get the info and sign up. You will have to have your money in to Mike Caldwell by paypal or call me to make arrangements to get it to me before August 17 as that is the deadline. Last year a few teams waited until after the deadline and I could not even get them in so do not wait this year. I will have the Church State on August 4th in Murfreesboro but I will put out more on that later. Thanks for Playing ISA . sTEVE lOVVORN