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We will hold three separate ISA Miken Series tournaments with the winner of each tournament winning one new Miken bat for every 8 teams entered in a class. You will get 5 points for entering and points for how you finish with the winner getting one point for the total number of teams in their class and second getting one less and right on down the order of finish. The overall prize for the Series will be NIW Miken bats equaling one bat for every ten plays in that class at all three tournaments. Example: If we have 20 D teams at all three tournaments for a total of 60 plays we will give 6 new bats away with a split of 4 to first and 2 to second. These bats will be in addition to any bats won at the tournaments themselves. We are talking about top of the line Miken bats and hope the teams will come and compete for a very nice prize. We will have all the tournaments listed on the wire and Facebook very soon with some already on line. Thank SL

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