ISA Halloween Havoc and 7-3 State

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We have done the math and to finish in one day we will be capping the men's lower at 12 teams(we have 8 already) and the upper at 8 (we have 4 already) . Currently the Coed only has one but we will cap it at 8 also. If the coed does not get at least five in by Tuesday of next week we will make a decision at that time and may open the men's up. I know of two more men's team who have contacted me and plan to enter so that only leaves room for six more so if you are serious please make your mind up soon or you may be left out. Coed teams please let us know if there is enough interest in us having a State for the 7-3. It will be a fairly long cold winter so we are planning one last good day of softball before ISA shuts down for the winter. Thanks to all the teams who played with us this year, we appreciate you. SL