ISA Civitan

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I have removed the upper class and will take only three more teams in the lower. No upper D or above teams will be allowed to enter. Everyone will get five games in pool play and then we will split it of to division games where you will get 2 more and possibly a third game. I have turned the online off and you can call me to get one of the last three spots.Thanks for helping a good cause and playing ISA . Steve L

Same ole replied
2 Months
No upper/d teams other than the 2 Memphis c teams u let drop from upper to lower???
You must have missed the big ISA announcement a month ago. "We aren't changing anything from last year including classes." That means C teams can still play in E tournaments as long as they have the entry fee.
Jc replied
2 Months
Welcome to ISA.
ISA Fan replied
2 Months
It’s just easier to play with them because they don’t have roster checks or really any rosters they go off of.