ISA 2019

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After carefully considering the great year we had in 2018 and with plans for an even better 2019 TN ISA has decided to leave our teams classed where they were last year. There will be a few changes as the year goes on and we see who has added or lost key players to their team. We will have a fairly small C class with those teams built to travel. and we will have some HI/LO tournaments where they can play if they will sign up. Our D class competed very well at the World Series last year and we believe they can again this year. To be fair with our E and Rec teams and to boost their chances for success we will merge those two classes for most of the year again using HI-LO formats to see where those teams belong and then split them shortly before the State Tournament with the rec class being very small and E very large and competitive. No appeals of classes will be allowed until we have seen your team and roster to gain a fair assessment of where you need to play. We will have more tournaments in west TN this year and also a few more over in the east so more teams can qualify to play in our State. We are posting tournaments now on Softballwire and our Facebook page and hope you will play as many of them as you can. Look for a three game series we will be promoting with the first one coming in May in Memphis.. Thanks for playing ISA. SL

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3 tournaments is considered a great year? Well I guess getting to 4 this year would be better so maybe that will be a true statement. I guess no online rosters this year so appeals wouldn't be possible anyways. Since your classes were awful last year why would you change. I guess you can wait until other associations post classes and just follow suit accordingly. So much easier that way and would be norm for you.