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ISA 2018 Information

We at TN ISA are getting ready to kick off our 2018 campaign. Now that March is here it is “Softball time in Tennessee” to steal from a great broadcaster for TN Football. I will start out by listing the directors who will be with me in ISA this year. They are as follows:

1. Donald “Breeze” Vaughn is my new assistant State Director and UIC
2. Josh Henley –Middle TN
3. Chris Mathews – Clarksville /Hopkinsville
4. Chase Clark Cookeville/ Crossville
5. Jerimiah Clardy/ West TN
6. ______________ THIS COULD BE YOU IF YOU ARE INTERESTED. We have a couple of others we are talking with.

-Any team who plays in 5 ISA Tournaments under myself or one of my directors will receive a preferred draw at the State blind draw. This means you will be in the first group to choose your slot. All byes and late games will be available to reward the teams that played a lot with us throughout this year.

-Any team that plays 10 tournaments with us this year will receive free entry into the State and a preferred draw. If all you plan to play is one State why not get into it for free. There will be several opportunities to get your ten in but you should start planning now. We are finishing our schedule and will have our Franklin dates added soon. As stated above we will have tournaments in all the places we had them last year plus some new locations that are all nice fields that would be well worth a little travel for you.

Look forward to having you play ISA this year, Steve Lovvorn

Ridley replied
10 Months
If ISA does not have 10 tournaments this year will the free state entry number be prorated?
chris23 replied
10 Months
As of yesterday, there were up to a dozen ISA Tourneys available with more tourneys coming up soon. You'll have plenty of opportunity to get 10 tourneys in before state.

johnnyvan replied
9 Months
Hello Steve,been coaching and a instructor of softball and baseball for twenty four years.Been apart of the Wildfire organization for twenty four years.Have five state titles and three state runner up in Florida.I have three top ten national titles.Would be interested in working with you during this softball season running tournaments.I can be reached at 828-504-2222.