How to get rid of Pop Ups on your phone

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I hope this finds you well.
Over the last few weeks, I have spoke with several people about a concern of pop ups on this site.
I 100% promise, that while I do have a few google ads on the site, I do not and will never allow pop ups on the site.
So, If you go to Softballwire from your phone and experience something like an Amazon pop up or you are redirected to say a large retail store site or phone mfg site, it is not Softballwire that is causing that, it is something in your search history.

However, there is a fix, and everyone that I shared this with has found that it works.

1. Go to your Settings on your phone.
2. Scroll down and click on Safari
3. Scroll down and click on Clear History and Website Data
4. Click Clear History and Data

I had the same thing happen to my phone, I must have clicked on something and loaded the spyware by mistake, but the above fix took care of it.
I now do this on a regular basis.
One quick note that maybe someone else can answer, I am not sure if this will delete saved passwords from your phone. I only mention that so you can make sure that you remember your logins and passwords before just in case. I don't think it removes saved passwords, but I am not absolutely sure. In any case, even if it does, it is worth doing to get away from the pop ups.
I hope everyone is having a great Spring. I am ready for a little break from the rain.
As always, Thank you for supporting
Jim Taylor
Jim Taylor