GSL Regional

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August 26th in Dickson TN. 3 game wrap format. REC class, E class and 7/3 coed available . Rings to be given to first place . This is your chance for REC and E class to play in a ring tournament where teams will be correctly classed and no drop downs are allowed. Rosters checked by Wednesday August 23rd.

Check the tournament page for details

legend9 replied
6 Months
If anyone needs a player for this tournament please contact me at 402-679-9347. I hit for average and power and play great defense at SS and OF.
janey5259 replied
6 Months
I just moved from South Florida, I play OF, 2B, C, EH and whatever is needed. I coach, play and sponsor an e team and d team in fort lauderdale and looking to get going here. I am not sure if E here is the same in South Florida but I show up to play and no drama 615-521-6033