37th Annual ISA Herald Chronicle Notes

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37th Annual ISA Herald Chronicle

Tournament notes

Here are some pertinent facts for all to be aware of. They are as follows:

1.Steve Lovvorn 931-703-2019 and Donald Vaughn 615-579-0443 are tournament directors.

2.Game time limits are 75 minutes. One hour and fifteen minutes should be plenty of time to get a complete game in. Get your team on and off the field between innings and games. The clock will start when the umpire calls for the coin toss. No warm ups on the field except while the pitcher warms up in the first inning with no more than five pitches. Plenty of room around the fields to get loose in but please be careful around the fans especially children.

3.Flip rule is in effect. If the visiting team is ahead by 10 or more runs and a run rule is not in effect the home team will become the visiting team at any time after the second inning. Regular ISA run rules apply- 15 after 3/ 12 after 4 and 10 after 5.ISA has gone to a one and one count with no extra foul so we recommend hitting the first good pitch.

4.Always check the big brackets at the fields for possible changes at the end of any game you play. We will try to contact any manager affected by a change so keep your phone available.

5.There is a fifteen-minute grace period for a teams first game but after that game time is game time. We will not wait for teams to get players to the field unless it is a field issue. Teams can start with 8 and add up to ten with no penalty. Only the tournament directors can call for a forfeit.

6.Line ups with first and last names are to be turned in to the scorekeepers before the game starts. Failure to do so can cause a team to lose the coin toss. Numbers and matching shirts are encouraged but not required. If a team wishes to dispute a score they must keep a book to show any discrepancies, memory can fail any of us.

7.Only ISA Stamped 44/375 or 44/ 400 balls are allowed. All bats must meet the 1.20 bat standard and be approved for slow-pitch softball play. Balls are available at check-in for 5 each. No senior bats allowed. Bats where they cannot be made out what they arebanned.

8.Players and Coaches must have arm band on issued by the tournament. There is a gate fee and all spectators will receive an arm band when they pay. Players, coaches and Children 12 and under are free.

9.Men’s games on field three will receive one extra home run.

10.In the event of weather delays the manager needs to come to the tournament station which will be behind field one down by the lake. We cannot call or text every team so please do not request special privileges.

11.There will be long gaps between games for most teams early and if you get in the losers bracket early you can expect back to back game as you advance. We will end the divisions based on total numbers of teams but just because your division has more or less teams all are equal in scheduling respect.

12.All the camping spots have been rented but there are plenty of open spaces and you are ok to pitch tents anywhere around the camp sites but please use common sense. Teams also must use some of that open space to warm up in. Please take care of any trash you generate, there are plenty of dumpsters and receptacles around.

13.Teams need to check in at the large pavilion across the road from fields one and two (down by the lake). Coaches should be there an hour and fifteen minutes to pay, get your forms and ask questions. Players need to join the coaches an hour before the game to sign and get the arm bands. We will be at that pavilion until we get the last team checked in Saturday and then we will move to the smaller pavilion behind field one for the rest of the tournament. Players coming after the initial check-in must come to the tournament headquarters to sign in and get the band. You are not allowed to play without the band unless one of the tournament directors confirms eligibility. We will not hold a game up waiting for you to get legal.

Have fun but be on good behavior. Thanks from Steve, Breeze, ISA, Winchester Parks and the Herald Chronicle