Need a team

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New to area and looking to get on a men’s softball team around the Hendersonville area. I also know 2 other people looking if needed.

Larry replied
6 Days
Shoot me a text 6159008381.
Brian Cain replied
5 Days
Are you looking for a team for this weekend?
Danny Woodbury replied
3 Days
Brian Cain, are U all looking to pickup any for this season or just here and there? I am looking for a legit team, I have played for 12-15yrs in the Kingsport, JC, Morristown, Knox, and west areas, wuld Love to get on a decent team that is already established, just didn't workout for me and the guys I was playing with is why I am even looking, let me know man, thx!!
Danny Woodbury replied
20 Hours
4237540711, if anyone interested, thx!!